we can pick your unit using UPS Courier or customer can deliver it to our shop
Our Motherboard repair Engineers diagnose the fault and repair your unit.
After making payment customer can collect from our shop or we can deliver using UPS.


We repair all makes and models of laptop and desktop computers. We stock all sort of spare parts, including keyboards, batteries, motherboards, screens, and chargers. Some of our services are:

  • Dim Display
  • No Display
  • Dead / No Power
  • Light / LED Blinking
  • Liquid Spillage
  • Keep shutting down / Keep Restarting
  • Over Heating
  • Powering up but No Display
  • Motherboard Repair
  • Blue Screen Error
  • Battery not charging
  • Screen Flickering
  • White Screen Problem
  • Blank Screen
  • Lines on Screen
  • Junk Display / VGA Chip
  • Graphics Card Problem
  • Keyboard replacement/repair
  • Laptop and PC hardware Maintenance & Upgrade
  • Laptop hardware repair
  • Laptop keyboard replacement
  • Laptop or PC hard drive replacement/upgrade
  • Laptop Motherboard Repair (down to chip/component level)
  • Laptop power jack repair
  • Laptop screen replacement
  • Laptop USB port repair
  • Power socket replacement / repair
  • Spy ware removal
  • Systems recovery
  • USB port replacement / repair
  • Virus removal

We repair all makes and models Desktop computers. We stock all sort of spare parts, including keyboards, motherboards, screens, and chargers. We also troubleshoot network problems, and offer data recovery services which include:

  • Ad ware removal
  • Cleaning of spilled liquid
  • Computer health checks
  • Computer maintenance hardware or software
  • Desktop computer repairs & memory upgrades
  • External USB device setup / troubleshooting (HDD, iPod, Digital camera, etc.)
  • Hard drive replacement
  • Hard drive upgrade
  • Hardware diagnostics
  • Hardware repair
  • Keyboard replacement/repair
  • PC hardware Maintenance & Upgrade
  • Modem / Router / ADSL modem troubleshooting
  • Monthly maintenance agreements
  • Operating system re-installation
  • PC hardware repair
  • PC software repair
  • Screen replacement
  • Spy ware detection and removal
  • Spy ware removal
  • Systems recovery
  • USB port replacement / repair
  • Virus removal

All About Laptop brings onboard outstanding skills and experience to help our clients in implementing and building their network, expanding or modifying or migrating from the present system to a more sophisticated and user friendly system in sync with the current market. We also provide our clients with simple and effective form of fully integrated, secure network and desktop solutions.

  • Leased Lines, ADSL, SDSL, ISDN
  • Network analysis
  • Network installation
  • Network support & maintenance
  • Network troubleshooting
  • Network troubleshooting for home and small / medium business
  • Networking for home or business user
  • Network-wide security assessment and auditing
  • Secure connectivity to the Internet
  • Server and Networking expertise
  • Wired peer 2 peer connection (link between 2 computers, Internet, file & printer sharing)
  • Wireless / wired network / router setup
  • Wireless network setup
  • Wireless network troubleshooting
  • Wireless networking

Lost all your data’s, files and precious family photos? Bought a new PC / Laptop or Mac and want to transfer all your data from your old PC / Laptop or Mac? Sensitive and confidential data which has to be disposed safely?

    All About Laptop offers you fool-proof solutions which include:

  • Backup of work files or complete OS
  • Data backup
  • Data recovery
  • Data recovery (from formatted or erased media)
  • Data recovery from any media
  • Disaster recovery contingency planning
  • Transfer of files and settings between computers or Network

All About Laptop can provide professional knowledge and tailor software and hardware packages based on an assessment of your personal needs. All About Laptop offers customized software and hardware solutions, which address problems of your home computer or your business laptop. We trouble shoot :

  • Memory upgrades
  • Processors
  • PC motherboards
  • Graphics and sound cards
  • Modems
  • CD/DVD drives
  • Hard disks
  • Software installations
  • PCMCIA Card installation (Modem, Firewire, USB, Ethernet adapter, etc.)
  • Printer, scanner, fax & copier setup
  • Program installations

All About Laptop aims to take away the hassles associated with IT disposal and provide our customers with a complete solution for the management and retirement of redundant IT equipment. Your laptops and PC will be cleared of private data, and recycled legally. We may also offer to purchase your old un repairable laptops, pc's and Macs for a very cheap amount.

All About Laptop offers PC health checks to improve your computers performance and to update, upgrade and install new equipment or software if needed. It also comes with comprehensive programs to optimize your computer's performance and enhance productivity. We offer to:

  • Create a back-up of your computer files on a CD, DVD or external hard drive
  • Install Windows updates and security patches
  • Spyware scan and removal
  • Remove unwanted files to free hard drive space
  • Browser optimization
  • Optimize PC speed
  • Backup Outlook emails, address book, favourites
  • Windows Firewall configuration

    All About Laptop offers to install and set-up your new software in minutes. We offer to:

  • Install software application
  • Customize settings
  • Test functionality

All About Laptop offers to remove virus and worms from your computer in minutes and protect your computer against aggressive and malicious attacks.

  • Perform security audit
  • Scan computer and quarantine viruses
  • Set-up and configure Anti-Virus to protect your computer
  • Configure Firewall and Security settings for computer safety
  • Schedule automated tasks for virus detection and removal
  • Guide you through basic navigation feature for your Anti-virus

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iMac 21.5 Core 2 Duoewrwere
Processor: 3.06GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Cache: 3MB shared L2 cache

£ 699

USB Keyboardewrwere
USB Keyboard

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